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Don't Leave Your Light Under a Bushel!

New Annotated Listing of North American Organizations Working in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam

One of the roles of the Fund for Reconciliation and Development is to facilitate cooperation and sharing of information between not-for-profit organizations in North America which work with Indochina. The publication of the annotated listing of North American non-gonvernmental organizations, foundations, corporate philanthropies, charities, universities and cultural groups working in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam has been a resource for individuals and organizations seeking to identify and collaborate with others whose interests overlap. Recognizing the reality of the internet as an invaluable wellspring of information, we plan in the coming year to publish a new edition of the annotated listing on our website as well as on paper . If you represent a North American organization working with Cambodia, Laos or Vietnam (even if you have not been listed in previous directories), please either fill out the database form before December 31, 1999.

Organization Name:
Contact Name:
City:     State or Province:   Postal Code:

Date began working in country, for each country:

Location of Field Office(s), contact/address where appropriate:

For each project, please list project location (city, town, province, commune, etc.) and sector (health, education, business training, etc.)
This is a new listing, a revised or corrected listing or you aren't sure which.
Thank you. Before you submit, please look back over what you have entered and make sure that you didn't make a mistake.
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