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FRD is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization which since 1985 has been a leader in bringing about normal diplomatic, economic, cultural and educational relations with Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. FRD began similar work with Cuba in 1998.

In addition, we serve the broad not-for-profit community active in these countries as an information center, newsletter publisher and meeting and conference organizer.

FRD also assists private and corporate philanthropies interested in supporting NGOs and university programs in Indochina and Cuba.

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North America-Indochina Directory 2000

A work in progress listing US and Canadian not-for-profit institutions which carry out programs with Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

Please e-mail to any corrections of your organization's listing, or complete the form if your institution is missing.

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Cuba Pages

FRD's US-Cuba Reconciliation Initiative has its own home page Check it out to learn more about travel and other issues in U.S.-Cuba relations and to learn about NGO programs.

Interchange, formally "Indochina Interchange," is the quarterly publication of the Fund For Reconciliation and Development. The most recent issues are available online, and we hope to continue to offer upcoming issues in both PDF and HTML formats. For information on subscriptions to the Indochina Interchange, contact our office.

   Volume 9, Issue 4 (HTML)
   Volume 9, Issue 4 (PDF)
   Volume 9, Issue 3 (HTML)
   Volume 9, Issue 3 (PDF)
   Volume 9, Issue 2 (HTML)
   Volume 9, Issue 2 (PDF)
   Volume 9, Issue 1 (HTML)
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Finding Us
The Fund For Reconciliation and Development, US-Indochina Reconciliation Project, Forum on Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam, and the US-Cuba Reconciliation Initiative are located in the Interchurch Center, on Claremont Street between 119th and 120th. Take the 1 or 9 subway to 116th Street. Walk away from Columbia University and go right on Claremont, the first intersection.

The postal service finds us fastest at:
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Please see the staff directory to contact any project of the Fund for Reconciliation and Development by e-mail.