A Quarterly Newsletter for and about International Cooperation with Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Cuba.
Volume 9, Issue 4   Fall 1999


John McAuliff Editor-in-Chief
Amanda Beecher Hickman Managing Editor

Interchange is published quarterly by the
Fund for Reconciliation and Development
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 727
New York, NY 10115.

Unless specifically copy-written, articles may be reproduced if source and Interchange address are indicated.

Fund for Reconciliation and Development

John McAuliff, Executive Director
Susan Hammond, Deputy Director
Bela August Walker, US-Cuba Reconciliation Initiative
Trinh Nguyen, Administrative Assistant
Ivan Small, Intern

Mission Statement:

The Fund for Reconciliation and Development (FRD) began in 1985 as the US-Indochina Reconciliation Project. It devolved from a program of the American Friends Service Committee established in 1972. FRD was the first American non-governmental organization (NGO) devoted solely to normal diplomatic, economic and cultural relations with Indochina and expanded its work to include Cuba in 1999. FRD carries out its own programs of cultural and educational exchange and humanitarian assistance. It also facilitates communication and cooperation between private business, NGOs, foundations and educational institutions interested in the region by publishing the quarterly newsletter Interchange and by organizing national and international meetings. FRD funding comes from foundations, US and European government agencies, international organizations, and private donations.