A Quarterly Newsletter for and about International Cooperation with Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Cuba.
Volume 9, Issue 4   Fall 1999

Historiography, Higher Education and Popular Culture in Latin America, La Universidad de Matanzas, Cuba, January 10-21, 2000. Departamento de Ciencias Sociales Universidad de Matanzas `Camilo Cienfuegos' [UMCC] convenes an international interdisciplinary school with professors from three continents _ America, Europe and Australia. The 10 day program includes the following intensive courses (5 sessions of 4-5 hours each) : Popular Culture and Education in Latin America, Trends in Latin American Historiography, General Studies in Our America, Higher Education in Latin America. We invite students, professors, researchers, and intellectuals to participate in this encounter. Organizers will compile a book from the contents of the event, including the collaborative work produced in the workshops. The Minister of Education of Cuba will accredit 48 hours of study at the post-graduate level, equivalent to three credits. Bilingual sessions offered if needed. Participants from foreign universities have the option of seeking credit in their own institutions; each participant receives a certificate of accreditation. For more information, contact Mirtha Rodríguez, Departamento de Ciencias Sociales, U. Matanzas, Cuba.

MADRE Delegation to Cuba, January 7-15, 2000. Join Madre, an international women's human rights organization. Visit Cuba's renowned health clinics and schools. Talk directly with Cubans; learn for yourself the effects of the US embargo. Licensed travel. $1,650 (double); $1,920 (single). Includes round-trip direct flight from New York, hotel, breakfast, translation, guide and much more. Send $200 deposit to reserve your space (full payment due December 15). For more information, contact MADRE; telephone (212)627-0444; fax (212)675-3704; e-mail: madre@igc.org.

LASA2000: XXII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association. Miami, Florida 16-18 March 2000; Scholars and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines and countries have submitted a series of proposals dealing directly or in part with the LASA2000 theme of "Hands Across the Hemisphere: Cooperation and Connections for the New Millennium." The LASA International Congress will feature panels, workshops, and special sessions with a multitude of topics and approaches to research in the field of Latin American studies. The fall issue of the LASA Forum features a list of sessions accepted for the Miami meeting, as well as an update on some of the special features of the Congress. Preregistration and complete conference information is available on the web. Visit the LASA2000 page to download the form in either Corel WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows or PDF format. For more information, contact Latin American Studies Association, University of Pittsburgh, 946 William Pitt Union, Pittsburgh, PA, 15260; telephone: (202)546-7010; fax: (202)543-7647; e-mail: LASA+@PITT.EDU; http://lasa.international.pitt.edu/lasa2000.htm.


Food First's 5th Annual Sustainable Agriculture Delegation, February 20-29, 2000. Cuba is currently engaged in one of the most ambitious and intensive transformations from chemically dependant to organic, sustainable agriculture ever attempted. Join Food First as one of the growing number of international farmers and agricultural professionals to study and support this valuable undertaking. Visit cooperative & individual farms, organoponics, biological control production centers, worm composting facilities, and research extension agencies. Learn about the policy changes and technological innovations that have facilitated the transition to organic systems. Meet the farmers, researchers, extension workers, and policy makers leading the transition. Deadline for application: December 31, 1999, space limited. For more information, contact Institute for Food and Development Policy, 389 60th Street, Oakland, CA, 94608; telephone (510)654-4400; fax: (510)654-4551; e-mail: kcaniz@foodfirst.org; http://www.foodfirst.org/progs/global/Cuba.

U.S. Healthcare Exhibition in Cuba PABEXPO, Exhibition Center, Havana, January 25 - 29, 2000. Medical professionals from throughout Cuba and U.S. healthcare companies will participate. PWN Exhibition International L.L.C. will assist exhibitors in obtaining licenses from the U.S. Bureau of Export Administration . New Jersey-Based Kallman Worldwide will coordinate exhibitor recruitment and New York-based International Exhibit Transport will provide shipping and customs coordination. Licenses will be issued for products to be exported to Cuba for up to two years for the purpose of demonstration and testing by entities associated with the Cuban Ministry of Public Health and then remain in Cuba as a donation to an NGO. For more information contact Peter W. Nathan, PWN Director, Exhibition International LLC, in Westport, Connecticut.

IFCO-Pastors for Peace Delegation to Study Afro-Cuban Culture and Religion. January 16-26, 2000. This delegation will explore the complex subject of the Afro-Cuban culture and religion in Havana and Matanzas, Cuba. The trip will include lectures and discussions about Afro-Cuban culture and religion, conversations with believers, and visits to Houses of Lucumi, Palo and other African religions. Delegates will explore the use of dance, music and drumming in religious ritual, as well as the effects of African religions on the Christian religious practices in Cuba today. Delegates will also learn about how the Afro-Cuban culture, religion, healing and other aspects are reflected in the medical and educational system, as well as the daily lives of the people. The delegation will include a 7-day workshop in Matanzas led by Prof. Israel Moliner Castañeda, president of the Society of Social Anthropology of the Island of Cuba, co-author of the Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religion, and lecturer at University of Matanzas. For more information, contact the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization, 402 West 145th Street, New York, NY, 10031; telephone: (212)926-5757; fax: (212)926-5842; http://www.ifconews.org/afrocuban.html.

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