A Quarterly Newsletter for and about International Cooperation with Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Cuba.
Volume 9, Issue 4   Fall 1999

Global Exchange is a non-profit research, education, and action center dedicated to promoting people-to-people ties between the United States and the developing world. Since 1989, through our Campaign to End the U.S. Blockade of Cuba, Global Exchange has played a leading role in creating a broad discussion on the need to normalize relations with Cuba. Our Cuba program is designed to challenge U.S. policy and continually engage new and ever larger communities in the debate. Our campaigns, Reality Tours, public forums, and publications have informed and broadened the discussion in both institutional and grassroots communities. Additionally, our humanitarian assistance and development partnerships have allowed us to assist the Cuban people in their struggle to survive these difficult times. Explore the many faces of Cuba on one of our study tours, which focus on diverse themes from Afro-Cuban Culture to Alternative & Traditional Medicine to Sustainable Agriculture. Learn about our island neighbor and the warmth of the Cuban people, while experiencing their dramatic history and culture reflected in their daily lives.

Study Tours

Health & Healing with the real Dr. Patch Adams, Dec. 10-20, 1999

The Millennium in Havana, Dec. 27, 1999 - Jan. 4, 2000

Cuba at a Crossroads, Feb. 11-20, 2000

Sustainable Agriculture, Feb. 20-29, 2000

Following Che's Footsteps, March 18-28, 2000

Renewable Energy, April 18-28, 2000

Jammin' in Havana, June 16-28, 2000

Cuban Culture: Fiesta del Caribe July 1-10, 2000

Global Exchange also offers specialized trips on various topics, including bike tours with the Eco-Bici por Cuba Bicycle Club; two-week Dance and Percussion workshops with the National Folklore Dance Company of Cuba; and Spanish language and culture classes at the University of Havana.

Bike Tour Program Dates: Jan. 14 - Jan. 22, 2000 Havana/Matanzas; Feb. 26 - March 5, 2000 Havana /Cienfuegos; Oct. 24 - Nov. 2, 2000 Havana/ Pinar del Rio; July (dates TBA) Havana/ Eastern Provinces/Santiago de Cuba.

Dance and Percussion Program Dates: Jan. 2 - Jan. 16, Feb. 5 - Feb. 19; Apr. 30 - May 14; June 3 - June 17; July 2 - July 16; Aug. 5 - Aug. 19.

Spanish Language and Culture Classes Program Dates: Classes are held Monday through Friday, 9AM to 1PM. Program duration is one month or two weeks. Two-week programs start only at the beginning of the month. Program extensions are available.

For further information, contact Global Exchange; 2017 Mission Street #303; San Francisco, California 94110; telephone (415) 255-7296; fax (415) 255-7498; e-mail: info@globalexchange.org. A full description of Global Exchange and current trips can be found at their website, http://www.globalexchange.org.

Self profiles are provided by NGOs or adapted from their materials. We edit profiles only for style.


3rd International Conference on the Rights of Disabled People, Havana International Conference Center Palacio de Convenciones, April 4-7, 2000. Organized by Cuban Association for the Physically Handicapped, National Association for the Blind and the Visually Impaired, National Association for the Deaf, Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Education and Havana International Conference Center to promote social participation of people with disabilities through the exchange of experiences on the rights of the disabled in today's society. Topics include: Social Integration; Rights of Disabled People; The Right to Work and to Equal Opportunity; Social Security and Social Services; Removal of Barriers; Education, Arts and Culture; Sports and Leisure; Family, Parenthood and Sexuality; Social Communication. Expected participants are social and disabled peoples organizations, people with disabilities, religious and nongovernmental organizations, governmental institutions, professionals and individuals interested in these subjects. For more information, contact Mrs. Luciana Valle Valdés, Vice-President of Public Relations; telephone 537.29.30.99; fax: 510.654.4551; or Lic. Eva Paula Bravo (OPC); Apartado Postal 16046, La Habana, Cuba; telephone: (537)21-51-99 or 22-60-11 (al 19), ext. 1514; fax: (537)21-94-96/22-83-82.

Casa del Caribe Workshops, Each year Casa del Caribe, an institution for investigation and promotion of Cuban Caribbean culture, holds international workshops for dance, music, Afro-Cuban percussion and magic-religious systems, presented by specialists of well-recognized national and international prestige, and with the participation of international personalities and performers. These workshops take place each year in the city of Santiago de Cuba, during the following months: December, to coincide with the festivities of San Lázaro (Babalú Ayé); July, concurrent with the Caribbean Festival, a notable event in itself; and in September, with the festivities of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre. For further information, contact: Lic. Angel Trincado Fontán, Casa del Caribe, Apartado Postal 4144, Havana 10400, Cuba; telephone: 53-797-250.

In this issue ...
Agent Orange Update
Cuba Pages
Debt Relief and the Economic Crisis
Vietnam Women's Union Hosts Energy Training
What Happened to the Trade Agreement
The Legacy of the Khmer Rouge
Conference Report III

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